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Everyone's Sailing Library is very personal and built up over time. In this blog I have put together a list of the books I keep on the boat that are my favourites. I have also included other books and websites that I think are useful or interesting. I love reading books and learning new things and understanding different perspectives. I am also always keen to find new books for my Library. So if you feel there are missing books from my list then please do let me know so that I can have the pleasure of finding and reading them.
As you may know I'm an old fashioned girl when it comes to sailing and my choice of books reflects that. But there are some modern books in the mix. I'm happy to include more!

Cruising Under Sail by Eric Hiscock 1965
Voyaging Under Sail by Eric Hiscock 1965
These two books are my most used and favourite. There is information on all aspects of cruising and voyaging from choosing a boat, making baggy-wrinkles, to celestial navigation. If I had to choose one book to have, it would be Cruising under Sail. Be careful the updated versions were not as good.

Voyaging on a Small Income by Annie Hill 
This book is worth reading because it illustrates how it is possible to go sailing on a budget. You do not have to be wealthy and you do not need all the most modern gadgets. Also has Wylo plans for those who are interested.


I love reading planning books. Wondering where we might sail to next? or just armchair sailing in the winter months. This list provides all the key information you need to safely plan your next voyage.

Ocean Passages for the World I prefer the older versions that have the charts.
Catalogue of Admiralty Charts Very useful to plan which charts you will need. Don't forget Charts from the US and national charts from where you intend to visit.

World Cruising Destinations by Jimmy Cornell

World Cruising Routes by Jimmy Cornell 
Both these books a very useful quick reference for routes and destinations.

World Voyage Planner: Planning a Voyage from Anywhere in the World to Anywhere in the World by Jimmy Cornell 

I don't have this book yet, but it looks like a good addition to the list.

US Pilot Charts Download them for free.

Cornell's Ocean Atlas: Pilot Charts for the world by Jimmy Cornell
Pilot charts are very important and useful for planning ocean voyages. Each month has its own chart for a specific ocean. Information is provided about average ocean current, wave height, wind speed, wind direction, gales and more.


The Complete Yachtmaster by Tom Cunliff
The Complete Day Skipper by Tom Cunliff
Tom is a respected sailor and comes from the traditional sailing world. His books are down to earth and well written. They would make a great introduction to anyone new to sailing.

Emergency Navigation by David Burch
The Natural Navigator by Tristan Golly
Extend your knowledge of navigation with these two wonderful books.

Celestial Navigation

Ocean Yachtmaster by Pat Langley-Price and Philip Ouvry
This is the best book that I have found to explain from scratch the mystical art of celestial navigation.
Ocean Yachtmaster Exercises by Pat Langley-Price and Philip Ouvry
Really useful book, it contains only exercises which really helps to cement the understanding.
Celestial Navigation by Tom Cunliff
I found this book useful as a quick reference after I had learned and understood the process.  
The Sextant Handbook by Bruce Bauer
A good book to help look after your sextant.

Rapid Sight Reduction Table NP303 Vol 1
Rapid Sight Reduction Table NP303 Vol 2
Rapid Sight Reduction Table NP303 Vol 3
These are the key books that I use for reducing a sextant sight.
Nautical Almanac by UK Hydrographic Office
You also need this book for each year.

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