Coming home by Lochlann

Summer 2015

The prospect of coming back to the UK had been hanging over us since we had arrived at the Caribbean. Decisions were made, scrapped and frequently forgotten. In the end we had made the
irrevocable agreement (because mum books the flights) that we would leave the boat at a boatyard and fly back home.

But as we were slowly island-hopping south towards Grenada (the island where we were going to leave the boat) we received an email from Dad’s sister Miranda. My grandfather Boppa was extremely ill and the doctors said he was too frail to operate upon. Boppa had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease a few years earlier, and we had been worried about leaving England in the first place. So now we raced across the ocean straight to Grenada as fast as we could go.
Ken and Elsie

Packing away for the hurricane season by Jojo

Passage from St Lucia to Grenada, May 2015

We were making our way slowly down the Windward Islands towards Grenada, where it was planned that we would leave Island Swift for the hurricane season. The hurricane season goes from the beginning of June to the end of November.  Although we are not planning on working this summer, we still needed to go home for important things like peanut butter and family weddings!

Sunset in the Caribbean