Back on dry land by JoJo

Summer 2015, back in the UK

After our mad dash to Grenada and a quick pack up of Island Swift (hope we did a good job) we were back in the UK just in time.  Simon's Dad was very ill and sadly died two days after we got back. He was at home with all his family around him.  I am just so very grateful that we got back in time, and that we were not in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which had been the plan.  Simon then spent two lovely sunny afternoons with his Mum, Elsie. Sadly she suddenly got very ill and died a few days later, exactly one week after Ken.  So very sad for us all, but so romantic for them after being married for 67 years.  I loved Ken and Elsie very much and was not prepared for how emotional I became. They had a beautiful joint funeral.

Ken and Elsie