Passage round Cabo Sao Vincente by JoJo

Passage from Sines Portugal round Cabo Sao Vincente to Sagres, October 2014

After spending a glorious four days in Sines, the north wind was back and ready to blow us round Cabo Sao Vincente.  This would take us onto the Algarve and would mark the first stage of our voyage, and our first decision point. Do we want to continue further south and then on to the Caribbean?
Lochlann up the mast looking towards Cabo Sao Vincente.

Snorkelling by Finbar

One day, a very long time ago now, about last Friday…
Stop! Stop! Stop! Sorry, that’s from Winnie the Pooh
About a couple of years ago, Mum, Lochlann, and I went down to Battery Rocks in Penzance with Dylan, a friend of ours, and his mum. The tide happened to be a spring low[1] and you could see all the boulders that were usually covered by the sea.

Mounts Bay, Cornwall

Sines Portugal by Lochlann

Sines, Portugal October 2014

After leaving Baiona we sailed south over the sea border into Portuguese waters. To celebrate the fact we had cake and orange juice and pringles as we raised our Portuguese courtesy flag. Soon after we were visited by a school of dolphins, the most acrobatic ones I have ever seen in real life.

Our Second Passage - Bayona to Sines by JoJo

Passage Bayona Spain to Sines Portugal, October 2014

We woke up on Sunday morning to hear the sound of the yacht Dvina motoring out, bound for Porto.  We had been stuck in Bayona for 11 days (the last four with heavy rain and southerly winds!)  We did manage to fill our tanks with rainwater from the water collection system on the boat, but we were fed up with the rain and wanted to get south.  The weather was on the turn but the winds looked light, so we decided to fill up with diesel and go ashore for a forecast. We decided to leave.
Sunsets at sea are wonderful and different every time.