La Graciosa by Lochlann

La Graciosa, Canary Isles, December 2014

It took two days to sail from Madeira to La Graciosa, the smallest inhabited island in the Canary Isles. It was very enjoyable to suddenly see the islands loom up in front of us. As the sun set, we rounded the southern point of Graciosa and admired the volcano that was embedded there. After navigating our way in the dark past boats that didn’t have lights on we dropped our anchor and had a brilliant supper.
Boat kids.

Passage to the Canaries by JoJo

Passage from Madeira to the Canaries December 2014

We finally left the beautiful island of Madeira, heading south to the Canaries. I say ‘finally’ because we had not meant to stay so long. First the gearbox spline broke unexpectedly and expensively, then we had to wait out a gale. Then the leisure battery decided to die, at the weekend, just as we were about to leave! But if none of this had happed we would not have explored Madeira so extensively.  We found the Madeiran people very friendly and helpful, going out of their way to help us.

Land Ho!

Madeira by Lochlann

Short Passage from Porto Santo to Madeira November 2014

After leaving Porto Santo we crossed a small but lumpy sea to get to Machico on the south coast of Madeira Island. I was the most seasick I have been for a very long time as I was drawing down below for the first hour and the swell was very big.
We anchored off Machico, out of the swell, and went ashore after getting the dinghy off the foredeck with some difficulty. With much lifting and groaning we lifted it into the air on a pulley and then it squished me against the mast!
We found a Minimarket and bought some delicious bread called Bolo de Caco, which is made with sweet potato and cooked on a griddle.
Madeira is an amazing island. Like Porto Santo it is volcanic and the mountains are breathtaking. We found Machico’s small fort and had lunch on top of it. Fin then proceeded to steel himself to jump off the walls and over a pond at the base of the fort. He eventually did so and hurt his wrist and back in the process.
Amazing rock formations!