What kind of boat is Island Swift? by JoJo

Island Swift

Island Swift is a Wylo designed and built by Nick Skeates.
In the 1970 Nick Skeates lost his wooden boat on a reef in the pacific.  He set about building a new boat in NewZealand, to his own design, out of steel, called her Wylo, and launched her in 1980.   She is a 32ft long gaff cutter with a centreboard, Maurice Griffith type cabin and long keel.  Since then Nick has live and sailed Wylo extensively all over the world. 
Island Swift sailed by John Richardson before we bought her.

Sailing Island Swift Home by Lochlann

First passage Isle of Wight to Falmouth May 2013

Island Swift is a 35 ft Wylo Gaff Cutter that has, until recently, been accommodated at the Isle of Wight. We bought her in March and have been trying to find time to sail her back ever since. 
In May we finally set off on our voyage. It was absolutely amazing to sail her down the Solent and past the Needles. After crossing Christchurch Bay we anchored in Swanage for the night. In the morning we meant to set off early but (of course) the engine did not work. After fiddling with the batteries we set off, but a good two hours behind schedule. We sailed round Portland Bill and into Lyme Bay (which felt like open sea!). At one point we could look all the way around and see no land.

Simon at the helm

How ‘Dad’ didn’t mean to go to sea! by Lochlann

Looking at photos of Mum when she was a little girl on the boat Mjojo (named after her), made me and Fin jealous. We also wanted to sail round the world.  We knew that Mum would love to, but Dad would need some persuasion.
JoJo on Mjojo aged about 4 years

In the beginning - with apologies to Douglas Adams by Finbar

In the beginning there was something. Nobody knows what it was, or how much of it there was. All anyone can know is that something was there. After the beginning most of us think we know roughly what there was and is, though we really haven’t a clue. After the beginning, the universe had been created. “This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move,” (this is a quotation from The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy and begs to be excused).
Island Swift at anchor in Falmouth June 2013

Where are we going? by JoJo

Advance planning, January 2013

Our departure date is the 8th August 2014 and we are planning on sailing South towards North West Spain. Then down the West coast of Portugal.

The route we might take!