Where are we going? by JoJo

Advance planning, January 2013

Our departure date is the 8th August 2014 and we are planning on sailing South towards North West Spain. Then down the West coast of Portugal.

The route we might take!

When we get to Southern Spain/Portugal we will decide further plans, which may include sailing towards Madeira and the Canaries, arriving some time in November. Then maybe down towards the Cape Verde for Christmas leaving for the Caribean shortly afterwards. We will then cruise the Caribean until April / May when we need to leave for Europe via the Azores. 
All these plans are subject to change and are weather dependent. We may never leave the UK (if there are bad gales in August/September) or like it so much in South of Spain that we decide to stay there for the winter. The Caribbean might be so much fun, that we could leave the boat there (making sure the boat is safely out of the hurricane area) and fly back for summer 2015. Then we can return and carry on our adventures. Who knows, we might even sail all around the world!
We are hoping for fair winds and good sailing.
We hope you enjoy reading about some of our adventures.
Written by Jojo

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